10 cheapest countries in the world for holidays

Choosing a budget friendly place for holidays is always a daunting challenge and you don’t ever want to mess it up. There are various countries that offer a very exciting travel experience and a memorable holiday adventure for a very cheap price. However, the choice greatly depends on what you are actually planning to do during your holiday. Are you planning to visit a coastal area and bathe in the striking sun? Or are you planning to explore the jungles and do some hardcore hiking? Or is it the safari and exotic fauna that appeals to you?

When you are looking for a cheap holiday experience, you do not only consider the air flight rates, but the entire expedition cost such as the accommodation, food, transportation and the cost of the tourist attractions. Of course nobody likes selling an organ to cover these expenses but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy these once in a life time opportunities!

Whatever your choice, you will always find a country that lives up to the expectations as well as provide you quite a lot of fun filled activities for a very reasonable price. We understand that it can be quite exhausting to surf through the internet for detailed information. Therefore, we are enlisting top 10 cheapest countries that are an excellent choice for holidays. Read about that they offer for how much and make your decision as per your liking!

  1. Thailand: A lot of backpackers travel to Thailand every year mostly for the reason that it is really cheap and offers a wide variety of food, vibrant cultural events and festivities, stunning landscapes and a whole lot of adventurous galore for a very fair price. The country is filled with thronging exploration places but it is easy to escape the crowd. Some of the best places to visit in Thailand include Nakhon Si Thammarat where you will get to eat the best food whereas in Mae Hong Son offers a grand 600km hike trail via motorbike in thick forested mountains.
  2. Egypt: One would think that Egypt must be terribly expensive to travel to because of its ancient history and a number of mind-blowing monuments. The prices of the ever-famous Pyramids, the Valley of Kings and Abu Simbel are pretty costly to explore, undoubtedly. But Egypt has numerous low budget foods and tourism sites as well. We assure you that it is possible to live almost like a Pharaoh in Egypt!
  3. South Africa: South Africa is a well-known travel site for nature and fauna enthusiasts. People who love witnessing animals, roaming around in packs, in their natural habitats, make it a priority to visit this low budget place. You can see the exotic white rhino in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, following a wonderful hike in Drakensberg. Staying for a few days in Cape Town is also a budget friendly choice and you will certainly have an enjoyable time there.
  4. Vietnam: Although Vietnam has suffered a war, it has now developed itself to be counted among the cheapest yet most amazing places for tourism interests in the world. It attracts thousands of American travelers annually with its sublime countryside, the magnificent waterways and fields, the blissful beaches and the frenzy cities in between the serene landscapes. The cuisine here is mouthwateringly delicious and very much reasonably priced for its taste.
  5. Uruguay: Uruguay is a neighboring tourist destination near Brazil and Argentina. And the best part is that it is extremely cheap and has the best steak ever! You will find a number of beaches to sunbathe and witness some of the most beautiful wildlife at the quiet sands of Cabo Polonio, the capital of Montevideo.
  6. Cuba: the relations between US and Cuba are on the road to success and both countries are warming up to each other, gradually. Before the prices rise, however, we suggest you plan a tour to Cuba which is still a lot less crowded. Cuba is an exotic Caribbean Island, most famous for its Salsa dance clubs in Havana, or the famous July carnival that happens in Santiago. You can spend afternoons sunbathing or walking on the warm Varadero Beach sand and all that for a very cheap price! It’s hard to resist such beauties when they so readily come to you for low rates, isn’t it?
  7. The Gambia: one of the smallest countries of Africa, Gambia is well known for its stunningly beautiful beaches that can be toured for very minimal rates. Besides these, Gambia has a Chimp Rehabilitation Centre in the famous River Gambia National Park. You can watch the excellent trained primates, living cozily in their natural habitat. You can also checkout the gorgeous birdlife in Baobolong Wetland Reserve, which is one of the most exciting and amazing exploration sites for ornithologists.
  8. Prague: the metropolitan city of Czech Republic, Prague is one of the cheapest tourism spots in the world. It has quickly made its way to one of the most visited trail. You will find a number of local bars, food places and restaurants and a number of excursion sites to explore for a very budget friendly package.
  9. Greece: Greece might be going through a rough economical crisis currently, but this is actually all the more reason to travel to this wonderful paradise on earth to support the locals and the distraught situation of this country. The tour of Greece is very budget friendly and you will be able to explore quite a lot in this exotic land for a reasonable price. You can visit the islands, stay in resorts and pay via credit card in advance.
  10. Guatemala: The spell of Guatemala is very appealing, magical and captivating and it is very hard to come out of it. It is the hub of various cultures, traditions, colonial legacies and natural beauty. A lot of people visit this country for checking out the famous Maya Temples of Tikal and ride in the Chicken Buses or explore the glamorous Antigua.