Amazon begins to sell low cost UK government-approved PCR tests for travel.

The COVID-19 PCR tests will cost £34.99, with further discounts for bulk purchases, and they have been officially approved as accepted for international travel.

This low cost will be welcome news to travellers, who can currently pay upto £130 for a similar test to enable travel.

The UK government approved tests can be used for the U.K. ‘s Day 2, Day 5, Day 8, and Test to Release”. 

The tests are already live on Amazon’s U.K. site and can be found on the government’s approved list of COVID test suppliers.

Amazon’s low cost tests will be processed at the company’s lab in Salford, U.K -which was originally set up in 2020 to process tests for its employees.

On the listing for the test on its website, Amazon says its test results will be returned “within 24 hours of your sample arriving at the laboratory.”

The arrival of Amazon, the market leader in logistics, it’s thought to be the kind of move that will finally benefit consumers with reasonable prices for obligatory testing for holidays and travel.