Brand New Security Scanners at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport Group has unveiled plans to install new security scanners at Manchester Airport, in the hope of speeding up airport transitions and providing a higher level of security and safety for passengers using the airport.

Body scanners have been in place at Manchester Airport previously, but the group claims the new scanners will be preferred by passengers offering a more relaxed pose and a faster scan time. The scanners will be implemented across the whole of the Manchester Airport Group throughout the next few years.

When the original body scanners were implemented, there were mixed reactions, with some passengers having concerns over privacy or health implications of the scan. A campaign was started to assure airport travellers that no data is saved and the scan is not done by X-Ray.

Passengers have the right to refuse a machine scan, but this would result in an enhanced scan in a private room.

The Manchester Airport Group also owns Stansted & East Midlands Airports, and the new improved body scan equipment will be rolled out to all three airports, beginning with Stansted Airport.