The Manchester Travel Shop phone line is currently very busy with enquiries, but it’s more generic questions rather than holiday quote requests, which I completely understand given the circumstances.

I hope that this article answers your questions, for those eager to travel…..

Can I currently go away on holiday?

Unfortunately the UK wide travel bad / restrictions are still in place and you cannot currently take a holiday abroad. You can travel if it is an essential reason. You are required to complete a form of departure. Wrong information or travelling without the form is illegal and can result in prosecution. 

What date does travel from the UK resume?

The government have stated that the very earliest will be the 17th of May – but this date is not set in stone and it will be put back if COVID numbers have not improved dramatically.

Do I need to show a COVID test at the airport when I travel?

Some destinations do require a COVID test but it varies on every destination and also is constantly changing. You need to be checking the FCO website before booking anything and also check again closer to your travel departure date to see if anything has changed.

There are many different types of COVID tests to it is important that you obtain the correct one, and many destinations need to be within a set time frame of your departure.

Where is on the travel corridor list now?

As of 18th January 2021, the UK government closed all travel corridors. This means that all UK arrivals require a negative COVID test before travelling to the UK, and must self-isolate at home for 10 days after landing. If you are returning to the UK from a “‘red list’ of 33 countries, mostly from South America and Africa, you will be required to do a government quarantine costing £1750 for 10 days

Are Spain and Greece allowing tourists in yet?

Regardless of the travel ban UK tourists are not currently allowed to travel to Spain due to Spanish restrictions, but these are expected to be relaxed by the time the UK government do allow UK citizens to travel abroad again.

Is it safe to book a future holiday?

Manchester Travel Shop do not recommend booking anything online yourself as the situation of future travel is still uncertain.

We all love a holiday to look forward to, so if you do want to book something, give us a call on 0161 818 8399 and we will ensure that you only book something that either allows a full refund or very flexible amendments.

We would not recommend making any booking for any destination prior to July – but this may change and we will keep you well updated.