Covid Travel Advice

Travelling in these uncertain times with forever changing rules is difficult – we completely understand.

We’re receiving over 50 calls a day from people wanting free advice – to be able to service these calls effectively, we would need to recruit and pay another 2 members of staff -and they wouldn’t generate any profit.

We are a very small business and obviously this would not make any business sense.

If you’ve previously EVER booked a holiday with us – we are happy to help you with advice – so give us a call and quote a past booking reference number (or post code).

If you have not booked a holiday with us – please see below on ways to obtain the information that you need.

FCO Website

All of the up to date travel advice is available on the FCO Website. You simply enter the country you wish to travel to and it will give you the most up to date information on travel. Please note that this information changes rapidly so it is best to check again nearer to your departure date.

As travel agents this is the only resource we use to obtain information on travel restrictions – we don’t have any special insider travel agent knowledge!

Still need help?

If you don’t feel confident to seek your own travel advice – there is a way we can help you.

You can become a “future” customer of ours by purchasing a £20 gift voucher – valid for 2 years!

To purchase your voucher please call 0161 818 8399 – we will instantly send you the voucher and you can use it to book any travel product with us from 2 years of purchase.

Once the voucher has been purchased we will then be happy to research and answer any travel restriction questions.

Please note that vouchers are only valid against phone bookings and not with any of our online partners.

All advice we give you is taken from publicly available information the FCO website. We are not liable for any problems or issues with travel due to changing restrictions – it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentations in place and follow the guidance from the FCO website.

What is only a quick question to you can be a full days work if we answer everyone who calls us "quick questions."

There is also the issue that we can put ourselves at risk of being sued for misinformation - there is no incentive to help "non customers" and also put ourselves at risk of being sued.

Yes you are welcome to buy the voucher to obtain our help and then pass it on to someone else to use.

Any travel product booked with us over the phone.

Including (but not exclusively):

  • Package holidays
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Tours
  • Transfer
  • Car Hire
  • Attractions
  • UK breaks