Above you will find Flights to Manchester Airport arrival information. You can use the Manchester Airport Arrival board to see when flights are arriving into any of the Manchester Airport Terminals. Please note that this is just an arrival board and doesn’t show Manchester Airport Departures.

Here is an explanation of each column of the Flights to Manchester Airport arrival information.


This column shows the flight number of the flight coming into Manchester Airport. Every airline has a different flight letters that precede the number. Here are some of the most common ones that you will see arriving in to Manchester airport.

  • FR – Ryanair
  • LS – Jet2
  • U – Easyjet
  • TP – Tap Portugal
  • IB – Iberia
  • LM – Loganair
  • AF – Air France
  • BY – Tui Airways
  • A – Aegean Airlines
  • VS – Virgin
  • SN – Brussels airline 


The from column gives you the airport code for where the flight is arriving into Manchester from. Here are some common airport codes you will see on the Flights to Manchester airport arrivals board.

You can see more on the airport codes here – or you can simply google “What is the airport code for” and you will find the relevant airport code.


The colour coded status column gives you a live update on the current status of the flight. The most common flight statuses are

  • Landed – The flight has arrived and landed into Manchester airport
  • Landed late – The flight has arrived and landed into Manchester airport but the arrival was late.
  • En-Route – The flight is airborne and on its way to arrive into Manchester airport.
  • Scheduled The flight is still at it’s original destination and is scheduled to take off to Manchester airport.

Other info

The flights to Manchester airport arrivals board shows the latest flights, if you want to check the status of a later date or time, you can simply use the search function at the top of the arrivals board and change it to your preferred time.