Getting to and from Manchester Airport on New Year’s Day 2019

If you are returning from holiday or visiting family to Manchester Airport on New Year’s Day, or perhaps you are starting 2020 with a wonderful holiday and flying out on the  01 Jan 2020- you will be curious to know your options of getting to and from Manchester Airport on New Year’s Day.


The good news is there is still a cheaper transfer option than a taxi, that may be double fare. Manchester Stagecoach service (43) – is running between Manchester Airport and Manchester City Centre between 0540-1830, so providing your flight from Manchester is within these times, you can take the bus. They have a special bus fare over the festive period of £3 one way. If you have a weekly/monthly bus pass (system one), you can use this for travel. If you require onward travel from Manchester City Centre, there are very limited buses running a special service, you can find the info here


The Manchester Metrolink network will be operating a Sunday service, including the line from Manchester Airport. Travelling to and from the airport via metrolink on New year’s day is possible, however, being a Sunday service the trams will not run as frequently.
Metrolink Map - what services are running on New Years Day to Manchester Airport
Metrolink Map on New Year’s day.


Many taxis still operate a double fare policy on New Year’s Day – we would recommend getting a quote from your local firm, but also consider checking the Uber fare as they work on supply and demand for the fare and there is generally no Uber Surge Fare on New Year’s Day when travelling to and from Manchester airport. So, these are your options for getting to and from Manchester Airport on New Year’s Day – it is very possible, just maybe a little longer wait for buses and trams than usual. If you spot a bargain flight on New Year’s Day – you can book it with assurance that you can still get to Manchester Airport for your flight.