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I will let you into a travel industry secret – most travel agents discreetly pull their face when they pick up the phone and it’s a group travel request.

Why, when it’s such a big booking, I hear you ask? Group travel enquires are a lot of work (as they can’t be done “on system”) – and after all the hard work, they very rarely materialise into a booking.

Then the ones that do, are often a lot of “admin” post booking, as people in the group change their mind or someone doesn’t pay etc.

But we are not like every other travel agent – we love your group booking enquiries!

Here at Manchester Travel Shop – we prefer to spend quality time with a customer and have to do a bit of work to earn our commission, rather than just bang out quotes that can easily be done online all day!

To make a group travel enquiry – simply call 0161 818 8399 or email

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