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I will let you into a travel industry secret – most travel agents discreetly pull their face when they pick up the phone and it’s a group travel request.

Why, when it’s such a big booking, I hear you ask? Group travel enquires are a lot of work (as they can’t be done “on system”) – and after all the hard work, they very rarely materialise into a booking.

Then the ones that do, are often a lot of “admin” post booking, as people in the group change their mind or someone doesn’t pay etc.

But we are not like every other travel agent – we love your group booking enquiries!

Here at Manchester Travel Shop – we prefer to spend quality time with a customer and have to do a bit of work to earn our commission, rather than just bang out quotes that can easily be done online all day!

To make a group travel enquiry – simply call 0161 818 8399 or email

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Group Travel FAQ's

The majority of tour operators and suppliers class any party over 9 as a group.


  1. Many suppliers offer group discounts.

  2. There is no risk of the rooms or flights selling out as you are booking the group.

  3. You normally have more flexible terms and conditions (such as being able to submit the names closer to departure in case anyone in the group drops out).

The booking process takes longer as suppliers have to manually check the availability.

Very occasionally it can work out more expensive - usually when the flight is with a low cost airline.

It really helps if you have narrowed the search down as much as possible when it comes to group travel enquires.

With small parties we can get a quote in seconds, with groups it can take hours - so obviously we don't want to be trying to obtain 10 quote for a group that doesn't know where they want to go etc.

If you need some guidance, we will quote it as a smaller party first, then get the group price once you have decided on a hotel.

We are here to help though so don't be put off if you do need more help - simply pick up the phone or LiveChat with us.

This varies massively from one supplier to another - but we can obviously advise you of this once you decide on a package.

Yes of course - as long as you can tell us a rough guide - so if you tell us 21 but it turns out 30 - this usually doesn't effect the price.

From 20 to 100 could obviously be different.

In all honesty - it is usually the same price or only a little less, however - when you book direct they will make you do all the work (collecting payments, names, passport details etc) - if you book with us you can just get everyone individually to send the information to us by email or phone and we will put it all together for the tour op.

You are also helping a local small business out whilst paying the same or less!

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