Holidays under £100

Holidays for under £100

Who doesn’t love an absolute bargain of a holiday under £100 per person! Whilst good deals so cheap are hard to find, Manchester Travel shop love a cheap holiday and we scour the internet far and wide to find them for you. 

The holiday deals under £100 per person on this page are all based on 2 adults sharing and flying from Manchester Airport. –  we try and keep the deals fresh and up to date but obviously the nature of travel offers is that the prices can change and offers can sell out.

Please note — ALL PRICES ON THIS SITE including the offers below are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Prices are subject to change. Inventory may be limited. Please always check the details direct with the relevant supplier.

Click on the links to the holidays and select your departure date to get the best price. To get the holidays for under £100 you may need to travel during low season, and may have to sacrifice the traditional 7 night holiday for a shorter break.

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Holiday Park Apartments




Steeple Bay Holiday Park


Fairlawns Spa Hotel


Find a holiday for under £100 per person

Can I go on holiday for a £100?

Whilst the average UK family spends over £4700 on a 2 week trip abroad, we appreciate that not everyone is in a fortunate enough position to do so. Travel is a luxury, but one that doesn’t have to break the bank to have a wonderful time.

You can definitely find a holiday for less than £100 per person, it’s just a case of looking in the right place at the right time. An expensive holiday doesn’t guarantee a great holiday, it’s about making the most of it with the people you are with, and cheap holidays can often leave you overall feeling more satisfied as you travel with lower expectations.

Your choices will be limited at this price range, and if your budget allows, increasing the spend to holidays under £200 per person will get you many more options

Best places to look for holidays for under £100 per person

Love holidays have a small selection of travel deals abroad for under £100. To find them, perform a blank search (so no destination or duration etc) – and then filter the results into lowest price first.

Travel Supermarket are great for finding cheap UK breaks under £100.

They have a specific search for UK Cottages and one for UK holiday parks – if there is a group of you going many will be well under your £100 per person budget.

If you are looking for Spa break under £100 we recommend looking at

If you book a Spa holiday through a specialist you will generally pay over the odds. Instead take a look on and use the Spa facilities filter.

When it comes to UK holiday Parks, Park Holidays offer the best standards for the lowest price.

You will find dozens of options for under £100 per person (providing there are 3 or more travelling).

There will be some option to travel and experience a different vibe and culture any month of the year, but the better travel deals under £100 can be found in low season (so avoiding the peak of the Summer holidays and other festive periods such as Christmas and Easter.

If you are hoping to leave the UK for your bargain deal, realistically you will need to go in the lowest of low season such as the first weeks in December - people don't tend to want to travel from the UK in the run up to Christmas, so some excellent deals can be found.

We recommend taking a look at the operators above to find the best deals under £100.

When you are performing any search so find the bargains, always remember to use the "filter" feature to sort the search results from the lowest price to the highest price.

  • Be very flexible with travel dates, search in less popular times such as early December and the very beginning of the Summer season.
  • When performing a search, leave as many of the search options blank as possible -so if the site allows don't search for a specific destination and let it search them all.

  • Always filter the results in price order from the cheapest to the most expensive.
  • Leave off any extras that you can do without - travel light with just hand luggage if your holiday involves a flight.

  • Don't rule out travel in the UK - there are many wonderful breaks to be had as a staycation and you should get a lot more for your money.

  • If you find a holiday under £100 that you like, just get it booked or risk loosing it, they don't hang around for long!

Unfortunately Manchester Travel Shop do not offer to search for holidays - we are an advertising platofrm rather than a travel agency.

We recommend clicking one of the links above for the holiday you are most interested in and then performing a search.

When you search remember to filter the holiday results into price order, then all of the cheapest deals for under £100 will be at the top of the search results.