Holidays Under 200

Every week we bring you the best deals for holidays under 200 per person – why pay more for your holiday when these quality bargains are to be had. Be sure to click through if you prefer a different departure airport or duration and simply change the details!

Our holiday deals under 200 per person on this page are all based on 2 adults sharing and flying from Manchester Airport. –  we try and keep the deals fresh and up to date but obviously the nature of travel offers is that the prices can change and offers can sell out.


  • Jadore Deluxe Hotel & Spa
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • December
  • 7 nights
  • Under 200



  • 4* Allocation on Arival
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • October
  • 5 nights
  • Under 200



  • Bluesea Es Bolero Aparthotel
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • October
  • 6 nights
  • Under 200



  • Canifor Hotel
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • Winter Dates
  • 7 nights
  • Under 200



  • Costa Del Sol Hotel
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • October
  • 7 nights
  • Under 200


  • Bahia City Hotel
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • September
  • 7 nights 
  • Under 200



  • Panareti Coral Bay
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • January
  • 7 nights
  • Under 200



  • Pez Azul Apartments
  • Departs Manchester Airport
  • September
  • 7 nights
  • Under 200



  • Riad Nerja Hotel
  • Manchester
  • November
  • 7 nights
  • Under 200



  • HM Martinique Hotel
  • Depart Manchester Airport
  • May
  • 4 nights
  • Under 200


Please note — ALL PRICES ON THIS SITE including the offers above are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Prices are subject to change. Inventory may be limited. Please always check the details direct with the relevant supplier.

Every week Manchester Travel Shop scour the internet for the best holiday under 200 deals, per person based on just two adult sharing. The holiday under 200 per person deals on the page are all departing Manchester Airport.

Why You Should find a holiday under 200

There are numbers of holiday-makers who are now browsing the internet for cheap holidays. But which among those long lists of options is the best one for you? Research shows, that many people looking for a holiday instantly ignore the cheapest holidays, as they expect to arrive at a bad resort or hotel. 

However, you do not to spend more than £200 on your next holiday knowing there are still lots of people who sing the praises of the well-priced cheap holidays. Put simply, it means that your next holiday can be great without spending too much. 

Here are some of the good reasons why your next holidays need not to be very expensive.

Budget Accommodation that cost under 200 including the flight Can Be Full of Fun

Many people are perhaps wondering if they can have holidays full of fun. Yes, they really can. There are lots of budget accommodations that surpass their budget price for you to take advantage of. You do not need to spend great amount of money or break your bank accounts just to have a great holiday trip. 

After all, holidays are meant for you to enjoy and not spend huge amount of money. Since there are lots of sites that offer well-priced holiday deals, such as Manchester Travel Shop it will be easy on your part to find deals that match your needs and budget. With these things in mind, rest assured that your next holidays will be full of fun and excitement.

It Is Who You Spend It With

Nothing is more satisfying than spending holidays with the one you love- may it be your family, friends, or special someone. If you are with a person whom you truly appreciate and love, the price of your holiday trip is very irrelevant. Who cares if it is cheap or expensive? Instead focus on what is important, like spending quality time together. 

Your holiday trips should be about making memories you can treasure for the rest of your life. Small, inexpensive things really count, and so do cheap holidays. So, if you are in a tight budget, you can always guarantee that your next holidays will become even more memorable most especially if the person next to you is the one who makes your life complete. 

More Money, More Expectations

Have you ever experienced being tempted to buy all the things you like because you have lots of money in your pocket? Same goes with the holiday trips. If you have the means to spend, you surely want make your next holidays spectacular. On the other hand, this might lead to frustrations and disappointments if it does not reach your expectations. But if you have limited budget for your next holidays, chances are you would not expect. You will just go with the flow and enjoy what you have. 

Cheaper Holidays under 200 per person – Mean More Holidays 

One of the best thing about booking a holiday under 200 found via Manchester Travel Shop is that you can travel more often and I see more amazing places! Cheaper under 200 holidays with us do not mean rubbish holidays!  As a matter of fact, you will get amazing things from it. There are lots of cheap accommodations that provide highly satisfying holiday experiences. If you have less than £200 for your next holiday, do not be sad as you will still experience what the real essence of great holiday is. 

Chance to Visit Places you did not have on your travel hit list without Worrying It’s a Waste

Maybe you are unsure whether a certain destination is for you. If you test the water with a bargain holiday under £200, you can see if the resort is to your tastes without worrying that you are wasting money. If you like somewhere and your budget allows, you can hunt whilst your there on a cheap break for a nicer hotel next time you visit!

Basic Accommodations Means you will want to go out more and see the Destination 

Sure staying in 5 star luxury with everything you need at the click of a fingers can be lovely, but you find when you  stay in such places, you feel guilty for leaving the hotel, meaning you miss all of the local delights!

Stay in a cheap room that is clean and comfortable, and use it to get some rest and freshen up, whilst spending your holiday time trying local food, seeing the sights and getting under the skin of the place you are visiting!

How to find cheap, yet great deals under 200 from Manchester for your next holidays?

Locate a Great Company

Economic decline has put in place various problems with the holiday companies. If you are having a hard time finding the best deals, worry no more because this page will always have holidays under £200 and will give you more than what you need. The page mainly features cheap holiday deals to choose from, but whichever you choose, rest assured that it will give you holiday experiences that are next to none. You will no longer spend more than £200 just to have the best holiday trip. 

Arrange your Holiday Trips out of Season

Most of the amazing holidays can be located right at the beginning or end of the high season. This is why it is advisable to book holiday trips out with school holiday season. This is where the prices on best areas and hotels can plummet. But at Manchester Travel Shop, any season you want to have a trip, you can always guarantee to find cheap deals. 

Go To Lesser Known Places

The popular areas are always busy and most of all cost more especially during summer months. The unusual areas on the other hand, can be as nice as those popular places and some can be much better. 

So, take your next holiday trip into the next level with the help of Travel Update UK. You will be given the chance to find amazing deals, which in turn will make your holiday trips full of fun and excitement. You do not need to break your pocket just to experience best holiday trips. There are lots of cheap deals you can take advantage of. After all, holidays are about new experiences and adventures that can spice up your life.