Jet2 Holidays 2022/2023

Jet2 Holidays Amendment

Please note we cannot help you amend a holiday that you have booked direct with Jet2 Holidays or with one of our competitors – we can only access bookings that have been under our own ABTA / Reference number.

If you need to amend an existing booking that has not made with us – please do not contact us as we cannot help and we have no alternative numbers for you get through quicker.

Jet2 Holidays

Jet 2 Holidays are one of Manchester Travel Shops favourite holiday providers, their pre-packaged holidays are always great value for money. They are one of the last remaining tour operators that actively recommend booking their holiday packages through a travel agency, so of course travel agents all across the UK are big fans of Jet 2 Holidays.

Their product range is absolutely huge, and offer everything from a cheap week on the Costa Del Sol, right up to top end luxury via their Indulgent Escapes portfolio of holidays. Whilst they have not yet ventured too far into the long-haul market, they do offer an excellent choice of City Breaks, and are quickly becoming one of the leading operators for Villa Holidays.

Whilst most of the travel industry years back decided to make booking travel more misleading (for want of a better word), with countless additional charges for luggage, transfers and extras – Jet 2 Holidays bucked the trend and started to include the extra charges in their holiday prices, making things simpler for customers and travel agents alike.

You can book on the Jet2 website or with a Manchester Based Travel Agency.

Hotels from Jet2 Holidays that Manchester Travel Shop love....

Club Mac


Ibiza Rocks


H10 Rubicon Palace


Book a Jet2 Holiday with a Travel Agency


 Why book a Jet2 Holiday with a Travel Agency?

  1. -Your local travel agency will likely have lots of extra useful information that you just can’t obtain from the Jet2 website, such as previous customers’ opinions on your chosen hotel or resort.
  2. -Booking with a travel agency can sometimes be cheaper than booking with Jet2 holidays directly. At the very least, your travel agency should be able to price match the Jet2 website, but you get the bonus of having a travel agent’s knowledge.
  3. -Supporting local business. If you can pay the exact same price (or less) for your holiday booking with a travel agency, but it means that you help someone else earn an income, why not do that?
  4. -Easy amendments. If you book via a travel agency, amending or adding extras to your holiday means a quick phone call rather than having to navigate the booking yourself.
  5. -You can ask them if anyone else is offering the same holiday cheaper. You might want to travel specifically with Jet2, but if not you can ask your travel agency to search other tour operators that offer the same accommodation to find a better price. Just be sure to check that the new operator also includes luggage and transfers and is ATOL protected.
  6. -Which Travel Agency should I book my Jet2 Holiday with?
  7. Manchester Travel Shop is operated by Travel Agent Kevin Hall who works for Travology Travel. Kevin has extensive knowledge on everything Jet2 holidays and he has also earned his travel agent Jet 2 holidays “wings” –  by attending their in-person trade training events. very

Top Jet2 Destinations









Latest Jet 2 Holidays Discount Codes

Manchester Travel Shop is always on the look out for extra discounts from all of the top tour operators. If there is every a Jet 2 Discount code we will post it below