Last Minute Holidays from Manchester

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Last Minute Holidays from Manchester

You want to pack your bags and head off on a last minute holiday from Manchester. You are in the very best place to find yourself a late deal bargain.

You can give us a call on 0161 818 8399 and let us do the hard work for you. Or if you prefer to browse yourself, choose your favourite operator from the options above and see the lead prices for a choice of destinations. 

Finding a last minute holiday from Manchester

10 tips for booking a last minute holiday from Manchester.

  1. Keep an open mind on the destination and maybe try somewhere new.
  2. Only leave until the very last minute if you have no choice. You will tend to get a better deal these days booking in advance.
  3. Speak to a travel agent if the holiday is departing in the next 7 days – what you see online might not actually be available.
  4. Make sure that you have got everything in place such as time off work and dogs in kennels before searching. You will set yourself up for disappointment if you search for last minute holidays before you can actually book.
  5. Ensure that your last minute holiday from Manchester includes luggage if required.
  6. If booking very last minute sometimes transfers might not be available to pre-book – check this out. Make sure taxi cost is affordable if not.
  7. Don’t expect a last minute holiday from Manchester to be considerably cheaper than booking in advance. Cancellations are a myth.
  8. Sometimes spending £50-£100 per person more can get you a much better standard of hotel on a last minute holiday from Manchester.
  9. If you need to park at the airport check there is availability before booking your travel. They can sell out in peak times.
  10. If travelling last minute might be worth packing before choosing how much luggage to pay for. Baggage last minute can be £100 per suitcase for hold luggage. If travelling somewhere hot, maybe you can save money and travel just with cabin bags?

The Best Online Travel Agents for last minute holidays from Manchester

Jet2 Holidays Last Minute Holidays from Manchester

Whilst not always the cheapest option, there are many benefits of booking your last minute holiday from Manchester with Jet2 Holidays. Their prices include luggage and transfers to you know there are no hidden extras. More importantly – their prices are live so you know if it is showing available to book then it actually is. We can always price match the Jet2 Holidays website if you prefer to book over the phone, so give us a call. Alternatively you can search late deals from Manchester on the Jet2 Holidays website.


Easyjet Holidays late deals

Easyjet Holidays are another great option for booking last minute deals from Manchester. Like Jet2 Holidays, they also include luggage and transfers for their beach break packages. Easyjet holidays are also fantastic for booking last minute city breaks. Their website is live but sometimes the prices or availability can jump up right in front of your eyes. We can book Easyjet Holidays over the phone for you – whilst we can’t always match the price, we will only ever be a little bit more expensive and you get the benefit of using a travel agent. If prefer to book online you can search last minute deals here


loveholidays are great for budget last minute holidays.

Unlike Jet2 & Easyjet Holidays – loveholidays do not include luggage and transfers but they can be added. If you are looking for super cheap deals and happy to travel just with hand luggage – you can often find last minute late deals for under £150pp with loveholidays! loveholidays only sell direct to the customer so you need to search and book yourself here. We are unable to act as your travel agent for loveholidays.


Late Deals from Manchester – holidays you can’t miss out on!


What’s the Best Time to Book a Holiday?

This is a question that has been asked by many people. There are many factors that contribute to the answer, but it largely depends on the person’s travel preferences and budget. If you have just been given some unexpected time off work, or simply had enough of the UK – a late deal holiday from Manchester is always possible. With so many flights departing Manchester – you will always have some options of where to travel to.

You will have much less choice of availability if the children are off school. So unless you are extremely flexible on destination. It is always best to book in advance for the likes of August and Christmas.


Manchester Airport’s Late Deals You Can’t Miss Out On

Manchester airport serves more than 20 million passengers each year and is one of the busiest airports in Europe.

Manchester Airport has some great late deals that you can’t afford to miss out on! The best way to find a cheap last minute holiday is to click the links to our recommended suppliers above.

Manchester Travel Shop can help you if you are looking for a luxury holiday, something far away (doesn’t need to be luxury here) or a cruise late deal.


How To Find The Best Late Deals At Manchester Airport

When looking for a late deal, the best thing to do is decide on your budget. How much this needs to be will depend on the month of travel. In low season it is not impossible to find a week’s holiday for £250 per person. In high season this would be near impossible.

Once you have decided your budget – simply click the supplier search links above and sort the results to the price order. Then scroll down the options available and go with your gut feeling! Whilst Manchester Travel Shop won’t be able to complete on price for cheap late deal holidays, we are still happy to help with a bit of advice. If you do need some late deal travel advice simply click the chat button and we are happy to help.

Things to consider when booking a late deals from Manchester

  1. The travel industry has changed and it is usually cheaper to book in advance. We appreciate this isn’t always an option. Don’t despair if you need to book your holiday as a late – we are pretty confident you can still bag a bargain.
  2. Be flexible and open minded – maybe try somewhere cheap that you haven’t considered. Some times these destinations not on your radar turn out to be one of the best holiday late deals you’ve ever had!
  3. Make sure that you can definitely travel before booking. Late deals are full payment to book and are nearly always non-refundable.