Low Cost Flight Booking.

Book a low cost flight with a travel agent....

We are always completely honest with you – it will always be cheaper to book a low-cost flight yourself, directly with the airline.

Whilst scheduled flights offer us agents exclusive rates and pay us commission, the low cost airlines don’t .

You can use our live flight search to get the cheapest airfare for any low-cost airline – including the likes of Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet2 & many more…..

We appreciate that some people prefer to book a low cost flight by phone, using a travel agent – so we can help you for a reasonable booking fee.

Call our travel agent flight booking line on –  0161 818 8399

Why might you book a low cost flight with a travel agent?

Please note that this page and the booking fees below, only relates to low-cost airlines (the likes of Rynair & Easyjet) – we do not charge a booking fee on any flight that we have contract with the airline already as they pay us commission and give us specials (such as British Airways, Emirates, Qatar etc…) – whilst we will never be cheaper for Low Cost flights – we will very nearly always be cheaper than booking direct for scheduled airlines – especially if you also need accommodation or car hire.

Low cost airline flight booking fee.


  • We calculate the booking fee based on the total price per person: including extras such as luggage.
  • The fee is taken as a separate payment to the flight. Your flight payment goes direct to the airline and your booking fee is paid to us.
  • We act as your booking agent only for low cost flights  – you are bound by the flight or tour operator terms and conditions directly.
  • Booking fees are completely non-refundable – even if you or your supplier cancels the reservation.
  • You will be offered the opportunity to view name spellings and flight times by email prior to us booking – if you refuse this and any details are incorrect we will not be held liable for the change fee.

By booking your flight on your behalf we are taking on the liability for any booking errors.

We also have to take into account the amount of time it takes to book the flights, plus any additional time you may take to add / amend or ask any additional questions.

We encourage you to book your low cost flight yourself online - but we appreciate not everyone wants to do this so we offer this as a paid service.

No - you will pay the cost of the flight plus the fee above. 

Whilst most of the time we can beat the price of a scheduled flight (so generally the long haul routes) - but low cost airlines do not offer agents any commission or incentives so it will always be cheaper to book direct than with any travel agent.

Our booking fees are competitive.

No unfortunately we can only assist with helping customers who have made their booking with us.

We can book absolutely any airline for you on your behalf.

There may be times where we recommend not booking a certain airline if we fear they are at risk of failure etc.

There is nothing stopping you abusing our service - but we kindly ask that you only enquire if you want to book with us and pay the booking fee.

We are a very small business and can't afford to help people for no reward - so please enquire only if you need our help to book!

Yes - notoriously Ryanair HATE travel agents - but as we are booking this on your behalf, as far as they are concerned you have booked direct and not with a travel agent.