Manchester Airport Bus

A bus is an easy and convenient way to travel from Manchester airport to the centre. There are also many bus routes from Manchester airport to the region of Greater Manchester. Buses depart from Manchester Airport The Station

Bus Routes


From Manchester Airport to Eccles via Wythenshawe and Sale


From Manchester airport to the City Centre 


From Manchester Airport to Manchester City Centre. 


From Manchester Airport to East Didsbury


From Manchester Airport to Stockport


Manchester Airport Bus Station Location

The bus station at Manchester Airport is located in the airport train station – follow the signs for the train station.

Manchester Airport Buses faq's

The bus from Manchester Airport to Manchester city centre can really vary dependent on the traffic. A typical journey by bus takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. The route is a popular route and not just a shuttle from the airport to centre.

If you want to take a direct bus, there is the option for National Express. They run frequently and don’t stop along the way. This means there journey time will be less than half the public bus. They are however more expensive.

A one way ticket costs £3.50

If you plan on doing travel around Manchester – it may be worth downloading the bus app and buying a weekly ticket.

The metro is generally the same journey length as the bus from Manchester airport, unless its out of peak time and then the bus may be quicker.

Yes you can pay by cash, card or by downloading the Stagecoach bus app.

You can also travel from Manchester airport by Taxi, Train or Metro.