Manchester Airport Metro

The Manchester Metrolink Tram connects Manchester Airport to the whole of the Greater Manchester Metro network.

If you are just wanting to connect to Manchester City Centre, we do not recommend taking the Metro. It is much quicker to take the train to Manchester city centre. The journey time on the Manchester Metro is around 1 hour, compared to 16 minutes on the quickest train.

The tram from Manchester airport is ideal if you need to access a  non-city centre destination, especially in South Manchester. 

Another reason you may choose to take the longer tram, is if you want to buy a weekly ticket to continue to use the metro whilst in Manchester.

Metro to Manchester city centre

Taking the tram into the centre.

Manchester Airport tram station station is located on-airport just next to the train platforms.

As mentioned, it isn’t the quickest way into the centre, but might be useful if you want to get off at one of the stops en-route to the centre.

Here is the Manchester Metro Tram Map from the Airport Tram station to Manchester City Centre.


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Manchester Airport Tram Station Location

The Metrolink Tram stop at Manchester airport is just parallel to the train station. If you follow the signs for the “Station” – as you approach the platforms for the train you will see further signage for the Metrolink tram stop. It is easy to find you won’t have any trouble locating it.

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Manchester Airport Metro faq's

The train journey time from Manchester Airport to the City Centre (or vice versa) – is between 55-110 minutes. It is much quicker to take the train.

The Metrolink trams run every 12 minutes from 0600-0000 (0700 start on Sunday).

The tram from Manchester Airport to Manchester City Centre cost £4.60 (Adult Anytime Single)

There are many options for daily/weekly and weekend tickets. Please see the ticket machine at the Airport tram stop for more info.

No! The train is the fastest and most convenient way to travel from Manchester City Centre to to Manchester Airport. It is much quicker than the bus, metro – or even car!

Yes. There are several self service ticket booths at Manchester Airport tram station. You can use these machines to purchase your tickets.

You can also pay using contactless – just remember to tap in and tap out. See here for info.

There are no manned options to pay for your metro ticket, you need to use the self service machines.

There is no option to advance purchase your ticket to use the tram from Manchester airport. The self service ticket machines are extremely user friendly or you can simply pay by contactless by tapping in and out.

Manchester Trams are not specifically designed for airport transfers and space can be tight with luggage. If you have a lot of luggage it is best to take a train or get a taxi. 

The trams run from Manchester Airport between 0600-0000

You can also travel from Manchester airport by Taxi, bus or train.

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