Not so easy to rent a moped in Thailand now.

Renting a motorcycle or scooter in Thailand has always been such an easy thing to do, but the Thai Authorities are putting a stop to it.

Up until now, anybody (even without a provisional driving licence), could pop into one of the ubiquitous moped rental shops in Thai Holiday Hotpots such as Phuket ans Koh Samui and rent a moped. Whilst legally you were meant to present a passport, many places were known to just hand over keys to anybody with the money to rent.

A meeting of senior Thai officials, discussed in-depth how so many tourists are presenting a huge danger, with high death tolls due to inadequate moped riding skills.

As a result, it will soon be illegal to rent a moped or motorcycle in Thailand without possession of a valid licence. Whilst this will have a big impact on many small businesses, the move should be welcomed if it help maintain safety on the infamously dangerous Thai roads.

Thailand’s roads are dubbed the most dangerous to drive on in the whole of South East Asia – with well over 400 people dying on them each year and thousands more injured. Walking round any of the tourist hubs- you will often see bandaged up tourists due to moped falls.

It is thought that the new laws may come into place before Thailand reaches it’s high tourist season (Nov to Apr).

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