Santorini is accessible from Manchester airport with direct flights, the cheapest generally being Easyjet. The flight time from Manchester to Santorini is around 4 hours and 10 minutes.


This is a magnificent island located in the Southern Aegean Sea in Greece. The island is picturesque which makes it a great place to go for nature lovers and photographers. It also offers tourists the chance to enjoy stunning sunsets, explore the blue-domed churches, white buildings, and picturesque windmills. The island is also a great destination to go for newlyweds and couples from all over the world. Some of the best things to do in Santorini are listed below.




Top things to do in Santorini Greece

Explore Firá

Fira is the capital of Santorini and it features whitewashed cubic houses and terraces, little squares, blue-domed churches, and winding lanes that you can explore. You can easily get to Fira by walking, riding a mule, or taking a cable car from the small port of Skala. You can also get to Fira from neighboring towns through the Fira to Oia scenic trails that pass through the caldera cliff. Fira is also a great place to stay while in Santorini as it features small hotels, restaurants, apartments, souvenir shops, jewelers, and cafes that you can explore.

Go sightseeing in Oia

This town is situated over the northern rim of the caldera and it is regarded to be the most charming place to go in Santorini. The town is surrounded by cave houses that are arranged in steep rows. The town flourished in the 19th century due to the fleet of merchant ships that sailed here from as far as St Petersburg. The captains then constructed some of the finest houses in the village which features Venetian-inspired architecture and great views of the caldera. Some of the top things to do here are to explore the art galleries, ruins of Byzantine castle, and the maritime museum. You will also find diverse restaurants where you can eat around the town.

Visit the Caldera

Caldera is a sea-filled volcanic crater that remained when an enormous volcanic explosion blew the center out of the island about 3600 years ago. It measures 12km by 7km and you will find two Kaimeni islets in its center which feature gas emissions and hot springs. You are going to see varieties of tour groups that offer an excursion to this landform by boat. While you are here some of the things to try out are bathing in the hot springs, have lunch on Thirassia, or explore the tiny island on the west side of the caldera while you also enjoy great views across the water.

Explore the Ancient Thira

This is a historical landmark located on the southeast coast of Santorini. The ancient Thira dates back to the 9th century and it is a great place where you will see the ruins of Hellenistic temples and also the foundations of the early-Byzantine and Roman buildings. Some of the places not to miss among the ruins are a theater, old administrative buildings, religious sites, and a gym for military trainees. You are going to find most of the finds from this landmark in the archaeology museum of Fira.


Visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thera

This museum is located in Fira and it houses a wide range of Akrotiri’s treasures. The museum comprises 4 parts namely dealing with geology and volcanic activity, the history of the island from the late Bronze Age to the golden age of Akrotiri during the 17th BC. You should also make sure that you do not miss the final section which is encircled by a bulk of exhibition with stunning frescoes. The highlight of the museum is the Blue Monkeys fresco which will surely leave you awestruck.

Have fun at the Red Beach

This beach is not far from the Akrotiri site and it is a popular place not to miss in Santorini. You can easily get to the beach along a path from Akrotiri town. You can easily access the beach by road or by boat. If you come here during the summer, the small beach becomes crowded during the summer and it is best if you get here early in the morning while you enjoy majestic views of the red rocks against the aquamarine water. You should also keep in mind that the beach is usually affected by landslides and some of the sections of the beach are roped off from visitors.

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