Tel Aviv becoming the hottest gay destination came as no surprise to me as this city boasts of a vibrant and exciting environment that is completely  gay friendly. Tel Aviv; situated along the Mediterranean Sea is no doubt one of the world’s most vibrant cities with a metropolitan and classic lifestyle. When you talk about Tel Aviv and you haven’t mentioned its beautiful beaches and nightlife then, something big is missing.

Tel Aviv is that city that never sleeps, with an uber cool nightlife scene – think hip weekly parties with the model like middle eastern guys. It’s the perfect destination for gay tourist who seek to have fun, enjoy being seen on the beach whilst still having a cultural scene and have a taste of amazing delicacies.

They welcome gay tourist with an open arm and mind. 

Here are some reasons more reasons  Tel Aviv is the perfect destination for gays travellers.


This is one of the most talked about events around the globe. It is the biggest, and the most interesting of the LQGBTQ celebration as it hosts many participants. The Tel Aviv pride week is an annual event. During the week, the LGTB community and allies get to enjoy a unique week of hard-core beach parties and events.

The luxury hotels are not left out as it offers gay tourist opportunity to mingle and enjoy in a conducive environment. Truth be told, this experience cannot be described perfectly to a third person, you must partake to enjoy the full experience.

A major contribution to Tel Aviv week is the huge attendance it records every year; take last year pride week as an example it recorded about 250,000 people that joined the pride parade. The population of volunteers usually attracts thousands of tourists to Tel Aviv city. You can be certain that a glimpse at the parade will leave you dumbfounded and appreciative for the LQGBTQ community.

Celebrate freedom at Tel Aviv pride parade!


If we were to make a comparison among the Middle East countries that are most tolerant and respective of the LGBTQ communities, then Israel deserves the top spot. Israel feels okay with Co existing and cohabitation between the same sex. In Israel, the same sex couple adoption was legalized in 2008. Surveys show that about 25% of Tel Aviv populations are gays and they are several reports that show about 75% of Israelis are favoring gays and same sex marriage. Yes, the same sex marriage is not performed in the country but it is allowed outside.

Tel Aviv remains the most voted gay destination worldwide leading famous cities like New York, Madrid, and Sao Paulo. The Tel Aviv pride parade demonstrates and says much about the LGBTQ right in Israel.


There are a great choice of gay friendly hotels in Tel Avvi – ranging from budget friendly bed and breakfasts to Luxury Beach Front Hotels.


This is quite impressive and encouraging for gay tourist as Tel Aviv boasts of gay population of about 25%. In a population of about 500,000, 100,000 have shown to be gay, and more of the other population identifies with them.

When you come to Tel Aviv, you can be certain of not feeling alone or isolated. The population is gay friendly and supportive.


Tel Aviv supports the LGBTQ community a lot. The municipalities are ensuring that it appears as the gayest friendly city in the globe. This is most visible during the pride week; the streets are filled with rainbow flags, everywhere are lightened and send a general message to the gay tourist that they are welcomed. The cities remain colorful and beautiful at night.


Do you know that all Israeli citizens must serve a compulsory military service? And the enrollment is open for all openly gay soldiers to serve in the Israeli defense force. There is no discrimination among soldiers that identify themselves as gay. The administration at the Israeli army takes a strict discipline on anyone found discriminating. The military also recognizes the same sex couples among them.


Chill and enjoy! Tel Aviv got you covered. The environments are welcoming and suited to your taste. After a long day, all you have got to do is enter the bar to relax and sip some drinks. While at that, the fun is just beginning and more to cruise to catch. The most talked about events, the pride week is coming and bars will surely be populated. The best DJs in town are ready to spice your evening up with great tunes. SHPGA gay bar is one of the best bars in Tel Aviv with a great environment. There

 Great bars like D.T. M gay bar in the southern part of the city, LA BOHEME, AMAZONA, APOLO CLUB, DUNGE CLUB, ALPHABET CLUB and many more. Enjoy and sip!

Stop dreaming about it, you need to see and experience Tel Aviv in its glory yourself. With great architectural, natural events and its rich culture definitely says much about Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a home of beauty, and it shares a rich cultural heritage

The beauty Tel Aviv awaits you!

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