From its smiling people to wonderful beaches, wildlife, diversity, amazing landscapes and mountains, hospitality, good food, culture and climate summarizes the beauty of this nation. A nation of its own unique kind, providing you with array of beautiful sceneries that makes your holiday experience unmatched. It’s a place that gives you joy and paradise away from home. The island provides you with tropical zoo like feeling through your interaction with world class beaches, giving you a reason to value life. Elephants roaming and pure natural sceneries can make you extend your holiday stay. In this article, I will take you through top ten reasons why you should make a point of visiting Sri Lanka. 


Despite its small size, Sri Lanka provides you with a compact physical diversity that is quite unmatched. Its diversity extends throughout the nation ranging from its sublime beaches to rocky caves and geographical features like wetlands, rivers full of eye catching waterfalls, lagoons and above all wildlife jungles. The tea plantations and mountains covered with forests makes everything here natural.

Cultural Heritage

The countries’ cultural depth is amazing which has made her be recognized and documented by UNESCO. The country boasts of having six archaeological World Heritage Sites spread across this beautiful island. The sites describe the rich ancient history concerning this island. These World heritage sites include the sacred city of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambula, Sirigiya, Kandy, Galle and the sinharaja Fores Reserve.


The Island is a multi-ethnic, religious and cultural society that gives a clear reflection her encounter with foreign immigrants. The countries liberation started with the Vedas who were hunters and gatherers and still exist today. The island has two main ethnic groups; the Sinhalese and Tamils who both originated from the Indian Subcontinent. The most interesting this about the people in this island is that they are always friendly and warm welcome hence being referred as the smiling people. Their hospitality is out of this world.


The country brags possessing a high degree of biodiversity which has made her be identified by Conservation International as among the 34 world biodiversity hot sports. The nation has a massive 14 national parks that gives you a chance to get in touch with some of the country’s 91 mammals and over 233 resident species.

Adventure and Sports

The islands 1600km of coastline makes it an ideal location for water games like surfing, sailing, wind surfing, scuba diving, speed boating, snorkelling and without forgetting banana boating. All these sports games can be enjoyed across the array of beaches along this coastline. Landscapes, wildlife and archaeological sites provide you with a life time opportunities for trekking, paragliding and rock climbing.


The Island is full of colourful festivals that cut across Buddhist Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions bringing joy to its people. The most common festival holiday here is known as poya that is celebrated on every full moon day and it’s recognized as a public holiday. Vesak Poya is the most important one which marks Buddha’s birth and celebrated yearly in May. Lots festivals are held all year round in this country hence giving you a reason to come and enjoy along with the locals.


Sri Lanka provides you with world class accommodation facilities that are outside this world. The Capital Colombo alone features a number of fully staffed modern five star hotels that gives you a charm and a romantic experience. Most of these hotels are located along the beautiful destinations spread across this amazing island.


Variety of food types like rice, vegetables and fruits, spices and potatoes among many others will drive you crazy. The staple meal here is rice that is consumed along with delicious curries like green banana, chicken and fish. Other staples include hoppers and pittu which is a mixture of flour and coconut. A collection of splendid snacks are also available and without forgetting sweet fruits like mangoes and pineapples. Your stay for sure, will be a healthy one.

Ayurveda and Spars (Medical systems)

Sri Lanka does not only provide you with fun and interesting moments but also a chance to nourish your soul and spirit through the most holistic medical systems available in the world. The destination has been a centre of both spiritual and physical healing for over 2000 years through Ayurveda programmes that prove a range of herbal treatments.


The Island has lots of shopping destinations that provides you with a memorable shopping experience, from luxurious shopping centres in Colombo filled with international fashions and merchandises to traditional village stores. For sure, you won’t

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